Detecting brainwaves can go a long way in helping your children improve their attention span. Traditionally, taking brainwave measurements were expensive, uncomfortable, tedious, and only available in laboratory settings. Now you can read your child's brain activity from the comfort of your home through a hassle-free and user-friendly MindWave device by NeuroSky Inc.

NeuroSky Inc. is the leading developer and manufacturer of brain-computer interface device MindWave, which can detect brainwaves. It also process the brainwaves into easy-to-read formats so that you can chart the developmental progress of your children. Regular usage of NeuroSky devices can help your children concentrate better, the same way doing math problems frequently can make a child more skilled at math.

Currently, Maxmind is proud to offer you MindWave Mobile and MindWave. Click on them to find out how they can help your children to increase their attention span.