Effective stimulation

Unleashing the learning potential

Designed to stimulate learning in children, The Maxmind Method™ uses a series of interesting activities such as games, music, reading tasks, and more in a fun and friendly environment. Through activities that promote fast thinking and large volume information processing, students will develop a passion for acquiring knowledge, thereby optimising their natural learning abilities in a good and effective way.

Activate the inner power

Waking the brain

Through continuous experiments, scientists have found that the human midbrain has super extra perceptive senses. This sensory integration centre plays an important role in the human body because it maintains our state of consciousness, and regulates our alertness, power of attention, as well as emotional systems.

More than just perceiving our senses, concentrating, imagining, and thinking creatively, studies have shown that our midbrain can also help us better manage our emotions, thus achieving superior performance in the long run.

All-rounded application

To Enhance the Learning and Application Capabilities (Neurofeedback Technology)

The amalgamation of computer technology and brainwave devices allow enhancing learning and application capabilities (Neurofeedback Technology) students to participate in computer-based exercises and train their brainwaves through specially designed and fun-base games. This helps students to enhance their attention level, through better understanding and control over their learning state.

The Maxmind Educational Philosophy

The Maxmind Method™ is an innovative brain development programme designed and developed by Maxmind after years of extensive research. The programme seeks to promote a holistic cycle of learning through Activating the Inner Power, Effective Stimulation, and an All-Rounded Application.