Frequently Asked Questions

What is Maxmind Method™?

Maxmind Method™ is a system of curriculum developed by Maxmind founder and team from Singapore to provide brain training for children raging from 4-12 years old. The Method, which combines various famous training methods from around the world, will inspire and improve children’s physical and mental ability greatly.

What will my child achieve after taking up this program?

Maxmind certified teachers will teach the children in an interesting and relaxing environment. Our well-designed curriculums will promote the ability of fast-thinking and dealing with massive information, children’s memory and focus, passion for study and learning ability through a happy ambience.

How long is the program?

Our program is for kindergarten and school students. Three phases: First phase is 4-6 years old, second phase is 6-7 years old, third phase is 7-12 years old

Will there be any side effects from the program?

No. Singapore Maxmind method™ aims to balance the development of children’s left-right brain. Children will be cultivated through brain yoga, memory and focus training, relaxation and creation training, etc. in the class and benefit from it.

After the basic program, what other program can my child get?

After the basic program, children can go to our authorized centers to register for other programs: Maxmind Brain Activation Program and Maxmind Harvest Curriculum (including Little Adventurer & Little Doctor).

How to assess my child is able to take up other / advance program like Harvest Program?

Parents and children can come to our centers to experience basic evaluations using a non-intrusive device developed and patented by a renowned American company, or sign up for demo classes. If the child is proved to be able to attend our advance program and shows interest, they can register in our classes.

How do I know if my child has benefited from the basic program?

Maxmind Method™ is never exam-oriented. We respect the character of every children and their unique way to view the world. Maxmind certified teachers will feedback to parents about children's performance in the curriculum and monitor their focus by MindwaveMobile at a regular interval. In addition, parents are welcome to share their children's performance and improvement with us.

What are the activities that I can do with my children at home?

Maxmind Method™ system come with a set of interesting teaching materials, very suitable for parents to do at home in their leisure time with their children for parent-child interaction and practice. MindwaveMobile also has a variety of game boxes for family use. We suggest that such practice be done every day and preferably within 10 to 20 minutes, in the form of games.

The Maxmind Method™

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