Programme Structure

Singapore Maxmind Method™(4-12 years old)

Maxmind Brain Activation Program
Maxmind Brain Activation Program is developed by Maxmind founder and team from Singapore to provide brain training for children raging from 4-12 years old.
We aim to improve children’s concentration levels by awakening their brain power through professional training, thus allowing children to relax in their optimum mental state while maximum their performance.

Maxmind Genius Curriculum
Every Child can be a genius. Maxmind Genius Curriculum is designed to fit the kindergarten and school education structures in the twenty-first century. When it comes to learning efficiency, concentration level will invariably be a factor for consideration. The Curriculum will promote the ability of fast-thinking and dealing with massive information, children’s memory and focus, passion for study and learning ability in a happy ambience.

Maxmind Harvest Curriculum (Little Adventurer & Little Doctor)
More than just helping to maximize their concentration and memory, Maxmind Harvest Curriculum also helps children to hone their communication skills and improve their physical and mental balance greatly. The knowledge and skills, learning habits and vivid thinking pattern from the Curriculum will cultivate the children and help them to achieve superior understanding, reading, socializing and other essential skills.