Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Singapore a good location for the Maxmind Holiday Camp Programme?

Chinese, Malays, Indians, and Eurasians. Singaporeans live harmoniously in a multi-ethnic society while maintaining their own traditional practices, customs, and festivals. By coming to Singapore to study or attend the Maxmind Holiday Camp Programme, overseas students will be able to gain insights into how and why Singaporeans put aside their differences and work together towards the greater good of the country. Local students will in turn have a great opportunity to meet their peers from all over the world

How many students will be participating in the Maxmind Holiday Camp Programme? What is the maximum number of students in each tour group?

We will commence the programme with a minimum participants of 10 students. Each group will have no more than 30 students, with at least two teachers, and a tour guide.

How long will the Maxmind Holiday Camp Programme last?

Parents can choose between the 7, 14, or 21-day programme.

What is included in the Maxmind Holiday Camp Programme package?

The fee covers course materials, admission tickets to tours, air tickets, visa application, meals, accommodation, transport, insurance and Maxmind's attire.

When can I start enrolling?

You can start enrolling anytime. However, do note that enrolment ends 2 months before the start of the Maxmind Holiday Camp Programme.

How can I enrol my children?

You can approach our partnering retailers and tour agencies or contact us at However, please note that places may not be guaranteed when registering individually.

Are there any age restrictions for the Maxmind Holiday Camp Programme?

Ideally, students should be between the ages of 5 and 16 years old.

Can I withdraw from the Holiday Camp Programme?

Withdrawal from the Maxmind Holiday Camp Programme must be submitted at least one month before the commencement date. Fees paid will be refunded.

What if my children cannot catch up during the course, especially for the English course? How are the teachers going to close the gap between different students' progress?

Students will be assigned to the course level based on their English language standard. Our teachers will ensure that every student is able to catch up with the progress of their peers and will be given extra coaching, if necessary.

How relevant will the courses be to what my children are learning at school?

Our teaching materials are produced in accordance with the latest English syllabus set by Singapore's Ministry of Education. This is recommended for all students and will help in their preparation for examinations in their home country. Our courses will also help the children to be focused and efficient in their learning process. For maximum concentration, lessons are conducted with no more than 15 students per class.

How will lessons be carried out? How long is each lesson?

Lessons will be conducted according to the programme planned for the day. Each lesson is 3 hours long with short breaks in between. A teacher will be assigned to each class.

Is there any homework to be done?

There will be no homework at the Maxmind Holiday Camp Programme. However students are encouraged to revise what they have learnt each day to better prepare themselves for in-class assessments.

What qualifications do the teachers have?

Our teachers hold at least a Diploma or a Degree, and are both qualified and experienced. The teachers are also very familiar with the syllabus, and are able to understand the needs of the students.

How can I keep track of my child while he/she is in Singapore?

Students participating in the Maxmind Holiday Camp Programme will record their diary in a weblog through a tablet. This diary is uploaded daily to Maxmind's website for parents to access conveniently. Diary contents may include photos and notes and are not limited to daily activities and learning experiences.

What can parents do to help ensure the smooth operation of the Holiday Camp Programme?

Parents can help to prepare their children by making sure that they are physically healthy for the camp.

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