The Maxmind Holiday Camp Programme is designed to enhance student's abilities, broaden their horizons, and improve their self-confidence through various classroom lessons and educational trips.

Increase Students' Ability

Linguistic Ability

Children are at the golden age for learning the language. Exposure to Singapore's unique environment of English and Chinese language,students can boldly use English to communicate, make friends of other nationalities, but more importantly, to develop thei way of thinking in English during the constant use of the language.

Observation Capability 

The blend of Western and Eastern cultures in Singapore offers the children the opportunity to experience different mindsets, lifestyles, and attitudes, thus boosting their development and maturity of thinking.

Communication Capability

Communication is essential in nurturing the children to solve problems. Through the Maxmind Holiday Camp Programme, the children can hone their communication skills, which will, in the long run, help them to better integrate into society.

Broaden Horizons

Appreciating Cultures

Students will understand the differences between education systems, as well as family and societal lifestyles between the Eastern and Western culture.

Expand Network

The Maxmind Holiday Camp Programme provides students with opportunities to make new friends from Singapore and from people all over the world.

Cultivate Global Perspective

By comparing the differences between Singapore and other countries, students can learn to better understand the world.

Develop Right Attitudes

Appreciating Parents

Living abroad allows children to realise their parents’ painstaking parenthood efforts and learn how to give thanks to their parents.

Understanding Themselves

Through the Maxmind Holiday Camp Programme, students will learn to tolerate and accommodate each other. They will also find out what they like best and perhaps turn that into their lifelong goal.

Improving Self-Confidence

Confidence in Learning

Through quality education, flexible teaching methods, and a variety of courses, children will learn to regulate themselves and enhance their confidence in learning.

Confidence in Communication

At the Maxmind Holiday Camp Programme, your child will mingle with other kids of similar ages from all over the world. This exposure will give them the opportunity to enhance their confidence to engage with people from different educational and cultural background.