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Our Testimonials

Maxmind Singapore

The couse at Maxmind opened up a new world of possibilities for me.
Learning is now more enjoyable, interactive and meaningful. I constantly challenge myself to achieve more and it worked.

Maxmind is professional in their delivery and always strive for the best for my child.
After putting him through the course, he can better manage his school work and is making wiser decision. To get a headstart in life, I strongly recommend for other parents to put their sons and daughter through the maxmind programme.

Javier Koh Age
10, Nanyang Primary School

Other than improvements in his grades, Jingyang is now more outspoken and interested in learning.
Maxmind went further than their promise of developing my son character and making sure he benefitted holistically.The teachers were patient, responsible and my son responded very well to their teaching methods.

Lin Jing yang Age 6,PAP Boon Lay kindergarten

Maxmind China

“在Maxmind全脑平衡高度感应训练中,我可以闭上眼睛感应不同的颜色,字母和数字。我很兴奋同时也觉很神奇,就像魔术一样。可是训练的过程对我来讲是非常有挑战性的,然而我最终做到了!感谢Maxmind 让我学到了新的技能。”

Qu Ai



Yuan Ying

Maxmind Mongolia

"Studying in Maxmind is very appealing. I enjoy studying in Maxmind. I am sure that everything I learned in Maxmind is going to affect in my school grade.

I go to British school of Mongolia from last year. All of sudden I started understanding everything my teachers say to me. I think this is because of Maxmind program.”

Khurtsbileg.B, Age 9



"I like Maxmind environment very much. It is very warm and teachers are ethical and qualified. My child's memory has increased a lot and her attitude is becoming better too .I would love my child to continue to learn at Maxmind course as the course is really good for children and their IQ, EQ and brain.”

Parents of Khurtsbileg.B



"I love coming and studying in Maxmind. I know, everything I study in here helps me to study better in high school 2.”

Anujin.B, Age 12


We liked the course. We did observe progress in my child. Her speed of working on homework was faster and quality improved. She likes go to Maxmind. This program need to be taught in Education system of Mongolia.

Mother of Anujin.B


"I learned so much important things in Maxmind. So I like to go to Maxmind. I stay positive all the time.”

Anu-Ujin.D, Age 9

"Maxmind environment is clean and healthy for students to study. Teachers are very welcoming. Teachers very welcoming and they are qualified and tend to teach every students based on their characteristics.

My son's memory and drawing skills have been improved so much. We would like to improve our son's skill more in Maxmind.

Thank you. Wish teach many students like how you taught my son prepare smart kids in the future Wish you a success.”

Mother of Anu-Ujin.D

Maxmind Malaysia

"Semenjak anak saya menyertai program ni saya dapat lihat peningkatan pembelajaran trutama sekali math..dia lbh cepat faham dan sy rs gembira sekali.anak saya juga cepat mengingati dan menghafal satu pelajaran yg diberi."

Mother - Fauziah Bt Lagogok
Sons - Mohd Harith Ikhwan & Mohd Hadif Irfan